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This is the Tuesday of all Tips! I found this awesome thing that I felt NEEDED to be reposed as a tip for Tuesday. Thanks, Do It and How!

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Hi Everyone!  Since it’s starting to get cold out, I thought I share some chilly weather tips!  These are all tips I learned this week so maybe they’ll be some new info for you as well.

–  Apparently, you are not supposed to leave your hose hooked up to the valve over the winter.  Didn’t know that!  The reason for this is that there could still be water in the hole that could freeze all the way back to the valve which could cause the whole thing to basically burst.  (same kind of deal with pipes freezing… I didn’t think of this outdoor flexible pipe!)  So, let your hose come in and hibernate for the winter while you give that out door faucet some time for its left over water drip out completely. 


– Another great use for vinegar!  I’ve learned through my research for other Tuesday Tips that vinegar is like the miracle solution.  There are HUNDREDS of things for which vinegar can be used.  One tip I came across tells us that vinegar can be used to prevent frost on the windshield!  That is so awesome!  I can’t wait to try it out! (Okay, I can wait, because I hate it when it gets frosty out and you have to scrape down your car… but maybe this tip will prove to be awesome and will alleviate some of my hatred toward winter travel)  So, if you would like to try this out on your own, all you have to do is mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water and apply it to your windshield.  It will prevent the frosting that we’re so used to.  (Thanks Frugal Dad!)


–  I’ve also read this week that fall is a good time to start trying to get in shape?  Why?  Because then by the time Christmas and New Year’s Eve roll around with all their food, drinks, and partying, you will already be in the habit of doing good things for your body and will be less likely to relapse into your old less good ways of eating and being lazy.  And, when it’s time to make that new year’s resolution, you’ll already be well on your way to that “getting in better shape” goal for the new year.  


For more tips, and expansions on the tips listed above,  check out these sites where I learned some good things!





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So, I know this is belated in more than one way… one, I haven’t been writing lately (I’ll get to the WHY later) and two, it’s Wednesday!  But being that this IS the week of one of the most Thankful days of the year, I felt compelled to write a simple tip this week: BE THANKFUL.

By definition, the word “Thank” is to express gratitude.  And so, to fully understand the definition, we must understand gratitude as well.  Gratitude, is (when broken down to grateful) appreciative of benefits received. ( All definitions thanks to http://www.merriam-webster.com)

Not only is it nice to show gratitude, but recent studies say it is actually BENEFICIAL to your health.  According to WebMD, gratitude helps us better control our stress levels, increases our immunity, and also improves our life overall.  (For the full article go to http://women.webmd.com/features/gratitute-health-boost).  Aside from WebMD, New Hampshire Public Radio also notes that there are health benefits to being grateful (http://nhpr.org/node/28063).

Great so those are the selfish benefits of being grateful, but what about what it does to those around you?  Think about it: you do a small favor for someone like holding the elevator… think of how that could potentially take off.  I mean there is the obvious, you make the person feel good, you prove that not everyone is a cold and selfish entity.  But beyond that what are the POSSIBILITIES???  Well, what if that person you held the elevator for was on their way to an interview that they were almost late for?  And what if they got the job, but had they been late they would not have seemed as professional and not gotten the job?  And what if that job they were interviewing for happened to be the position of YOUR boss.  And just maybe when that yearly review came around and they could only give out one raise it came down to you and one other equally talented person?  What if you got the raise out of GRATITUDE for being an employee with a great spirit?  All  because you held the elevator?

Alright so that story may have not made sense grammatically, but the point is that you never know when being grateful will have a snow ball effect.

So to sum it all up: Today’s tip is be grateful!  Always grateful.  And give other people something to be grateful for.

And now, briefly, where have I been?  I’ve been setting up an etsy shop and directing a production of Dracula!  The regular blogs should be back in full force next week though so stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am grateful to YOU for reading my blog.


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Who watched the Superbowl?  I did… well, the last quarter and bits and pieces here and there.   Next year I am going to throw a Superbowl Party!  There are just endless possibilities for the snacky food treats and the household presentation (household presentation: decorating and laying out tablespreads in a way that DOES NOT equate a 4 year-old’s birthday party)

TIPS FOR TUESDAY: Valentine’s Day Edition

So I thought this post would just be a short list of  some of my favorite housekeeping tips I (TRY TO) follow.   But then I remembered that Valentine’s Day was just around the corner.  So, instead, I am going to make a list about how to celebrate  Valentine’s Day on a budget.  I know this year I have to work on Valentine’s Day and Dave and I do not have tons of money to spend.  In addition to wanting to spend time with Dave I also like to send out little packages to some people who are dear to me.

So, with limited time and resources, what can one do?

Well, first the list of what to do to celebrate as a couple or even just as a bunch of friends who just want to have some fun without spending a ton.

1. Go on a Gift Card Spree– This was totally Dave’s idea, but it’s such a good one! (definitely not one I could’ve come up with) Valentine’s Day isn’t too long after Christmas.  And how many of us leave out Gift certificates hanging around until we find them months later while cleaning?  Anyway, if you’re one of those people who still has gift cards, what better way then to go on a spree with your significant other.  Cost- $0, only gas money!

2. Make Dinner- This is a pretty simple way to save money AND a classic “Romantic Evening”.  And something I like to do

Pasta is easy and inexpensive! With some preparation, it can be QUITE impressive!

on a regular basis!  Even if you don’t consider yourself a great chef, you can make an impressive dinner for your significant other! (Pasta, Hawaiian Chicken, etc) Furthermore, it will probably cost you HALF as much as it would cost you to go out to eat. Some more perks: it will be quieter, you will already know you like what you’re getting, you don’t have to leave a tip, you don’t even have to leave the house!  You can also have fun with the table presentation and the plating of the food. Cost- $15-$50

3. Have a movie night with an old Favorite-  Who says you have to go OUT to the movies?  What is the first movie you and the SO saw together?  What movies do you enjoy watching?  What is your favorite TV show? Curl up on the couch and just relax! Cost-$0

4. Do something usual- Like put on your favorite formal outfits, bundle up if necessary and go for a long stroll around your neighborhood or town.  You pass these things every day but now you get to take the time to see what’s out there—what stores are having sales, what restaurants have just opened—and the fancy attire really makes it feel like a “date.” Cost-$0

5. Do something ridiculous- Some friends of mine in high school always talked about wanting to go out to a bowling alley or see a movie dressed to the nines. The closest we came was Walmart, but that’s an entirely different story for an entirely different post.  But if you are a fun-loving couple, why not play Mousetrap, or Twister, or watch cartoons, or set up soda bottle bowling in your hallway, or make one of those knockout games out of soda cans.  You can let your imagination go wild! Yay for recycling bins!  Cost-$0

It doesn’t matter what you do, the important part is that you are having fun and spending time together!

Even playing iPhone games together can be fun. Right, Dave?

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