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It’s very easy for each of us to get bogged down with the boring, normal day-to-day life.  This is especially true when your job is just a job and not a passion.  As someone who freelances, I have the luxury of not spending too much time at one job.  I can’t tell you how many times, though, someone has said to me (in response to my complaining or frustration at a particular job) “it’s just a job.”

While that is one way to look at things, that “it’s-just-a-job mentality” can really perpetuate a problem of unhappiness.  In this economy the smarter thing to do may be to just keep going to the job and making money but there really is a larger picture at stake here.  Every minute that passes is a minute that will never, ever happen again in your life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just one single minute.  That is still one single minute that you will never have again.  It’s so easy for our lives to be built on throwaway time. You know, what I do in this minute doesn’t matter –> which soon adds up to what I do in this hour doesn’t really matter–> which adds up to what I do today doesn’t matter–> which soon adds up to what I do this week doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things –> which very quickly can add up to “what did I do this year?” or even worse “Where did my life go?” We can become so caught up in the insignificance of little things that we forget that we only have one shot at life.  We really need to remember to grab life by the horns!

Me at work on one of our very, very long days setting up for Commencement. Definitely looks like I’m in danger of slipping into the “it’s-just-a-job mentality. (when this picture was taken we were doing some serious troubleshooting of a system that wasn’t working out for us)

A really great example of this is my mom.  She was unhappy at her job.  Her and her boss just didn’t see eye-to-eye.  Her boss was not a clear communicator and just always seemed unhappy with whatever my mom was doing.  Eventually this unhappiness really caught up to my mom and rather than throwing away another 40 Hours a week until she retired or found something else –which, let me tell you, in this economy it may have taken until she retired to find something…okay that might be a slight exaggeration–she quit!  I’m very proud of her for doing so.

My mom and me on a trip to the art museum!

She took hold of her own life and made a decision to improve her overall well-being. I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that unless it was absolutely horrible and physically harming me!  I’m too much of a worry wort!  I like to know that I have income.  And, although her and my dad have to really watch their expenditures now while she is looking for other work, she is overall happier.

Happy Mom!

So, what if quitting your job stresses you out more than just sucking it up and living with the “it’s-just-a-job mentality”?  There is another way you can help yourself feel more fulfilled and happy in life and that is through hobbies and creative outlets.  Some people may like being artsy, some people may want to join a local soccer team. Whatever it is, do it!!!  There’s no point putting it off! A little adjustment in your life can go a long way.

I, personally, have really been working out regularly and also crafting!  I want to be healthy, hence the working out.  And I love designing and creating.

Three of the fascinators I made

So, making jewelry and accessories, especially out of unusual things is another activity I started doing.

One of my favorites! A cocktail ring I made out of an old clip earring!

Recently, a friend of mine even asked me to submit some of my crafts to a benefit she was involved with.  That was extremely flattering!

My Accessories, all tagged and ready to go to the Benefit!

(Her and her husband are also encouraging me to put the stuff I make up on Etsy to earn a little extra income… which, time permitting, I may do over the summer.)

Before I really started digging in and doing these things, I always thought, I don’t have the time, I’m too tired, blah blah blah.  Well, little changes really go a long way.  I find that now I feel more energized, I wake up in the morning happier to start my day and things don’t annoy me as much as they used to.

So basically the points I am trying to share with you for today’s Wisdom Wednesday are:

–  Don’t waste your time just coasting through

– Every Single Day do something that makes you happy (whether it is working toward a new career or something outside of work that you enjoy)

– Grab life by the horns and make things work out the way you want them to!


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Hi Everyone,

I’ve now been rebounding for several consecutive days!  Woohooo!  Let’s see how I feel after several consecutive weeks, since I do get bored of exercises quickly!  Anyway, after all of those positive things I’ve discovered about rebounding, I thought I’d see if I could find any negative side effects of rebounding.  And, I have to say, much to my surprise it was hard to find anything negative.  All the negative comments I found result primarily from cheapo trampolines.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if mine is considered in the “cheapo” category!  So far I’m still happy with it.  Anyway, I also wanted to say that I found a great blog that laid out the positive side effects and negative side effects really well!  You should check it out if you are seriously interested in rebounding 🙂

Check out Really Raw Food!  It’s a pretty cool site!

The  address that will take you to the rebounder page on Really Raw’s Site –>  (in case my link above is giving you trouble)   http://www.reallyrawfood.com/2009/03/26/rebounder-side-effects/

Have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

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I love exploring new and exciting ways to work out and keep in shape.  The reason for this is probably that I have an extremely short attention span and need fun exercises to keep me going.  One of the exercises I love doing is Zumba and another one I just recently discovered is the Exercise trampoline or Mini trampoline.

The Exercise Trampoline is a small trampoline only a few feet in diameter that rises only about 6″-9″ off of the ground.  Besides keeping my attention, being fun, and being is to use while watching TV, I love the mini trampoline because it is so small.  It can even comfortably fit in my tiny apartment.

For Christmas, I received one of these Exercise trampolines.  The one I got was the Gold’s Gym circuit trainer.  So far, I have not really utilized the “circuit training” aspects of it.  But it’s fun to be able to just bounce up and down while watching a show.  It is kind of reminiscent of being a little kid again and bouncing on your bed.  Furthermore, there are great benefits to exercising on a trampoline, also known as rebounding.

Here is a picture of the one I have, found on Walmart.com. You can see the little panel that keeps track of how many jumps you've done, the amount of time you've been jumping for, and the estimated amount of calories burned. There are also resistance bands for strength training.

The Benefits!

According to HolisticHealthTools.com, rebounding is considered a cellular exercise because it is the entire body moving at once.  This cellular exercise is beneficial to the immune system because unlike the circulatory system, that has the heart, the lymphatic system does not have any sort of pump.  The way the lymphatic system circulates is through body movements.  Rebounding is so great for this because it moves each body part at the same time.  You really use your whole body when rebounding and this allows not only for the lymphatic system to flow but it also aids it in getting rid of toxins.

Another nice thing about rebounding is that it is considered a low impact exercise and is sometimes recommended for people with joint problems and is sometimes considered therapeutic.

Because of the difference in forces experienced when rebounding, the weightlessness when reaching the peak of the bounce and the double force when reaching the bottom of the bounce, it has been cited as up to 68% more effective than other typical exercises.

Rebounding is not only a cardiovascular exercise but also helps to strengthen the muscle groups.

Some additional benefits associated with rebounding that  I read about include increase in the respiration capacity, aids in heart rehab, increases functionality of red bone marrow, improves metabolic rate, promotes tissue repair, improves balance, helps detox your body, relieves constipation, improves endurance, allows for easier relaxation, encourages deeper sleep, alleviates depression symptoms, improves self-image, keeps one feeling energized, and many, many more.

It really is an easy exercise to do.  And so far I am definitely enjoying it.  Furthermore, there are so many YouTube videos and workout suggestions on the web that I feel like I have an endless supply of tips and ideas for keeping my workouts beneficial and fun.

So whether you squeeze it in for the ten minutes before you need to leave for work, or 45 minutes while watching your favorite show, rebounding seems to be a fun and easy way to get some exercise into your daily routine.

Want to know more?  Here are a few of the places I checked out when considering the mini trampoline.


33 Ways the Body Responds to Rebounding  – This is ReboundAir.com’s article describing 33 effects rebounding has on the body

Rebounding Exercise – Getting a Jump on Great Health and Flexibility– This is HolisticHealingTool’s article discussing the benefits of Rebounding

Why Rebounding is So Beneficial– This article from Healing Daily discusses the benefits (with diagrams!) of why rebounding has a positive effect on the body.

The Surprising Health and Fitness Benefits of Rebounding– Busy Women Fitness article on Rebounding and its benefits.

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